About SouthernlyPlace

 Living life at a southern pace in a stylish and comfortable home is the dream behind SouthernlyPlace


 What Is SouthernlyPlace?

SouthernlyPlace is an independently-owned retailer that aims to provide modern, stylish, and vintage-inspired home decor and gifts.


 How SouthernlyPlace Started:

Established by Michael and Laura Strickland, SouthernlyPlace is located in Historic Downtown Dunn, North Carolina. With an eye for design and a creative spirit Laura finds happiness in creating stylish spaces that are comfortable and inviting. A professional illustrator for more than 20 years Laura has shared her creativity with people from all over the world.

Designing and decorating the home has always been a creative outlet that Laura enjoyed in her personal time. Friends and visitors to her home often complimented Laura on her decorative style and ability; sometimes asking if she could decorate their homes. It wasn’t until Laura’s own home was confused as a “model home” or as a “professionally staged home” that she began considering a career change from illustrating to home design and decor.

After running a successful business of her own for many years Laura knew she wanted to enjoy more of the creative side of her work and less of the “business” side. Knowing that her husband Michael had management experience and was skilled in planning and managing for a large international company the creative wheels started turning once again.

Laura and Michael began piecing together a plan for a new business that would make use of her creativity and his management skills. SouthernlyPlace felt like the perfect fit.

At SouthernlyPlace, Michael is the owner and manager overseeing the day-to-day operations, planning, scheduling, and more. Laura is the Creative Director in charge of product selection, visual displays and all things creative.